Cheese, simply

"Why don't you make a cheese variant with herbs?"

Customers often ask us this or similar questions. It's tempting to create a bunch of varieties of our soft cheese, Yeti No. 1. With herbs, with basil, with garlic and whatnot. And it's natural that customers ask for it. After all, people have different preferences and tastes.

Still, our answer is always the same: "No. Not now. Probably never."

What about the old adage The Customer is Always Right?

Do we hate old adages? No, not in particular. The reason is that we need to focus our limited resources on achieving our holy grail: A plant-based Gruyère that's indistinguishable from its animal-based counterpart.

The reality of cheese making (plant-based and animal-based) is, the harder the cheese, the harder it is to make a good one. The main reason for this is that harder cheeses need to ripen for a longer time period and a lot can go wrong during the ripening phase. For example, there are Gruyère varieties that need to ripen for up to 15 months. If we do an experiment today and only find out in 15 months that the cheese doesn't taste good, we lost 15 months. Animal-based cheese making has been perfected over thousands of years. Plant-based cheese making is just getting started.

We're currently working on making harder cheeses than Yeti No. 1. Our next cheese will probably be something like a Mozzarella or Feta. An intermediary step towards the holy grail, which will undoubtedly take us more than a few years to perfect.

So no, we're not going to add herbs or garlic to our existing cheese. We keep our cheeses simple and basic, so that our customers can eat them how they like it. Meanwhile, we focus on making tasty new cheese varieties. Our cheese line-up will never consist of more than a small number of selected cheeses.

Cheese, simply.

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