Veganz now sells Yeti Cheese

We're happy to announce that the popular vegan grocery store chain Veganz now sells our cheese. You can buy Yeti at all three Veganz locations in Berlin. Check out our new store map to find the nearest store.

We snook into a Veganz store last Saturday to see what it looks like:

Look at them! So smol.

At the Veganz store in Prenzlauer Berg you can buy Yeti Cheese also at the cheese counter by the gram. We're making a big 1 kg Yeti Cheese for that occasion.

Here's Dorena holding a Big One that we've made as a test a couple of weeks ago.

To get more people to eat plant-based foods, improving accessibility is one of three key factors. The others are taste and price. Only if a plant-based product is equal or better on these axes will customers prefer them over animal-based products.

Taste-wise, Yeti No. 1 is good enough. There are things that we can and are improving, but most our non-vegan customers think it tastes just like animal-based cheese. In terms of price, we're competitive given that we're currently only making small, hand-made batches. Our goal is to lower our prices continuously, as soon as we can afford it (with scale).

Talking about the third key factor, accessibility, we're only at the beginning. People rarely order single food items online, and don't go out of their way to visit specific stores to buy single food items. As you know from your own experience, convenience is important when grocery shopping and people buy all their groceries at their usual supermarket. With Veganz, we're more than doubling our distribution (from two to five locations) and improving the accessibility of Yeti Cheese.

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