Vegetarians are our main target market

We make plant-based cheese, so why would our main target market be vegetarians, who of course do eat cheese from animals?

The reason is the same why we started Yeti in the first place: We want to make animals obsolete in food production. Therefore, we need to convince people who otherwise do eat dairy-based cheese to eat Yeti instead. For every gram of plant-based cheese they eat instead of dairy-based, we come a small step closer to our mission.

Of course, that doesn't mean we're unhappy when vegans eat our products - not at all. However, it's much easier to convince people who are already on a plant-based diet to buy our cheese. In order to convince vegetarians or omnivores, our cheese needs to be as good as or better than cheese from animals. Therefore, clearly focusing efforts on non-vegans sets a high bar for our cheeses and forces us to make excellent products. This is the goal we set for ourselves.

Now, you might ask yourself why we target vegetarians specifically and not also omnivores. The reason is a practical one: We believe that it's easier to reach and convince vegetarians, because we've been vegetarians for a long time before going 100% plant-based and cheese was what was holding us back. If you talk to any vegetarian, I'd wager that a vast majority of them will tell you that cheese is the reason that they're not vegan.

Or, put differently, we know that a big problem in the vegatarian market is the absence of great plant-based cheese. A clearly defined problem makes it easier for us to reach our customers effectively and get them try our cheese.

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