You can now buy Yeti Cheese

Well, actually, you can already buy it for 10 days, but I didn't get around to write this post earlier. Better late than never, as they say.

The last week has been crazy for us, as we produced our first "big" batch of Yeti Cheese. Big in quotes because 31 might not sound like a big number, but the biggest batch we did before included 4 cheeses in our home kitchen.

We produce Yeti Cheese in a shared industrial-grade kitchen in Berlin Neukölln.

Dorena heating up our pre-soymilk in a huuuuuge vat.

We initially wanted to start with only 20 cheeses in the batch, but we got more orders than we expected and decided to increase the batch size. Still, we managed to sell out Batch 1. We don't even have a single cheese left for ourselves. Need to plan that in for the next batch 😅.

Right now, the cheeses are ripening and we will send them out on Monday (Nov 30, 2020). Some folks will even pick up their cheeses personally at our production site.

We're already selling Batch 2, which will be ready on December 14. So, if you live in the EU and crave some hand-made, plant-based cheese head over to our online shop and get some before they're sold out.

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